Vivanco VIVANCO LC Backbone Harness Plug and play, SM, OM3, OM4andOM5 fiber types available.. Product #: 013803049545 In Stock

VIVANCO LC Backbone Harness

Brand: Vivanco
Availability: In Stock (Product will be available at: 05-01-2013)

Plug and play, SM, OM3, OM4andOM5 fiber types available

  1. 12 cores and 24 cores available
  2. SM (G657A2), OM3, OM4, OM5 fiber types
  3. Compact divider
  4. Simple and fast fixation
  5. Small diameter
  6. Traceable LC duplex connector
  7. Push-pull tab for easy operation
  8. Customized fan-out lengths
  9. Colored sheath for easy identification

Cable Type

Indoor Non-metallic OFC, Aramid Yarn, Double Sheaths



Operation Temperature


Connector Durability

≥1000 Times

Color of Cable Sheath

SM: Yellow; OM3: Aqua; OM4: Violet; OM5:Lemon Green

Color of Connector

Single Mode (PC): Blue & White,

Single Mode (APC): Green & White

OM3/OM4/OM5: Aqua & White